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HEY! Fund Resources

We've pulled together a range of resources to help your HEY! Fund journey

We’ve pulled together helpful resources to help your journey with the HEY! Fund


HEY! Fund Templates

These downloadable HEY! Fund templates have been prepared for you to use when running your HEY! initiative

Attendance List

This useful list means that you will be able to keep a track of who has attended your initiative at each session you run.

Photo Consent Form

If you are taking photography of adults and children, you must ask for their consent first. If you want the photos to appear on social media (either ours or yours), you must ask participants to sign a form.

Hot Drinks Notice

If you are providing hot drinks at your sessions, then you need to make participants aware that hot drinks can be a burns risk for young children. This visual notice will help adults to remain vigilant with their drinks.

Merchandise Order Form

Order your HEY! Fund goodies here including bags, trolley rings, key messaging resources, Big Little Moments goodies and much more.

Promoting your HEY! Fund Project

We are proud to support your fabulous Happy Early Years (HEY!) Fund initiative, which is funded by Better Start Bradford.

It's really important that people involved with your initiative understand where the funding has come from – putting our logos on anything that promotes your initiative helps to do this.

Click on the link below to access the logos that you will need.

Download logos

What makes a great Stay and Play Group?

Playgroups are fantastic for helping children improve their language and communication, motor skills and relationship-building skills.

As well as providing an environment for children to have fun and learn, a good playgroup can have the added reward of helping to develop connections between people in the community.

In this article, BBC Tiny Happy People sets out the key things to think about when setting up your play group.

Find out more about setting up a stay & play group

Key messaging to share with your families


Early childhood development broken down into simple steps, with activities and resources galore for families and the workforce alike.

Big Little Moments

A series of animated videos featuring everyday Big Little Moments you can share with your babies and toddlers to build their brains. The little moments you share every day make a big difference.

Top Talking Tips

Download our Top Talking Tips resource and explore some of our favourite speech, language and communication resources for the early years

Messy Play & Loose Parts Play

Messy play gives young children the freedom to investigate a variety of materials, they will build vocabulary with describing words such as 'slimy', 'wet', 'cold', 'sticky'. It also provides endless opportunities for 'serve and return' interactions and taking turns.

Loose parts are simple everyday things for young children to play with. Combining messy play with loose parts gives young children freedom to experiment in different ways dependent on where their imagination takes them.

Find out more about messy play and loose parts play

Inspiration for outdoor play

These downloadable activity flash cards are packed with a wide variety of easy outdoor activities for spring, summer, autumn and winter giving you suitable ideas all year round.

This resource was created in order to provide new ideas for groups to encourage families to spend more time outdoors! Studies have demonstrated the many positive factors of being outdoors including physical, mental and emotional benefits.

Let's get healthy with HENRY

Let's cook with HENRY

A wide variety of easy healthy recipes for groups to download for families to be able to cook at home with their 0-3s.

Healthy snack ideas

These HENRY top tips and guidance will give you lots of ideas for tasty, healthy snacks for 0-3s that you can provide when you have a break at your sessions.

Low cost activity ideas

Babies and young children need plenty of chances to explore the world around them in an active way. Check out these activities via HENRY using everyday items.

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Happy Early Years (HEY!) Fund

The Happy Early Years (HEY!) Fund enabled parents, grandparents & other adult carers in the Better Start Bradford area to apply for up to £2,500 to develop ideas and initiatives for local families and their 0-3s.


Early childhood development broken down into simple steps, with activities and resources galore for families and the workforce alike.