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Early childhood development broken down into simple steps, with activities and resources galore for families and the workforce alike

Materials and resources for families, early years settings and anyone working or volunteering with families with young children, all aimed at breaking early childhood development down into bite-size chunks and simple things to try.

Big Little Moments

A series of animated videos featuring everyday Big Little Moments you can share with your babies and toddlers to build their brains. The little moments you share every day make a big difference.

Baby Week Bradford

Baby Week Bradford began in 2018. Find out more about this annual celebration of babies and all those who care for them, and look back at previous years' activities and resources.

Healthy Habits Activity Cards

Download our Healthy Habits Activity cards, plus signposting to some of our favourite health, nutrition and physical activity resources

Moments that Matter

A series of videos made by parents for parents. You will watch parents and carers sharing precious little moments which will help little ones' brains grow and develop.

Enjoying the Outdoors Together

Getting outdoors has lots of benefits for you and your child. It's the perfect place for your child to be physically active, use their imagination, explore and learn. It's great for your mental and physical health too.

Top Talking Tips

Download our Top Talking Tips resource and explore some of our favourite speech, language and communication resources for the early years

You Are Your Baby's Best Toy

Everything you do together helps your baby’s brain develop. It’s never too early to start - from bump, to babies to toddlers. Your baby even recognises family voices before they are born.

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