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Top Talking Tips

Speech, language and communication resources

We know that babies are born communicating, and that speech, language, and communication skills are central to their development.

That’s why we developed our Top Talking Tips booklet and wallchart, which you can download below, and have gathered together some of our other favourite speech, language and communication resources.

Download the booklet and wallchart

Top Talking Tips booklet (PDF)

Download the Top Talking Tips booklet here

Top Talking Tips wallchart (PDF)

Download the Top Talking Tips Wallchart here

Explore some of our other favourite early years speech, language and communication resources

BBC Tiny Happy People

Tiny Happy People is there to help you develop your child's language skills. Explore their simple activities and play ideas and find out about babies and toddlers' amazing early development.

Big Little Moments

A series of animated videos featuring everyday Big Little Moments you can share with your babies and toddlers to build their brains. The little moments you share every day make a big difference.

Moments that Matter

A series of videos made by parents for parents. You will watch parents and carers sharing precious little moments which will help little ones' brains grow and develop.

National Literacy Trust

The National Literacy Trust provides evidence-based resources, research, training, programmes and National Literacy Trust membership to make your literacy provision highly effective.

Serve and Return

Harvard University's Center on the Developing Child explores 'serve and return' theory. When caregivers are responsive to baby's signals and needs, neural connections are built and strengthen baby's developing brain.

Families with children aged 0-3, Mental health and wellbeing
Little Minds Matter - Information for the Workforce

Supporting early relationships between babies and their parents/carers

Children's Speech and Language Therapy

Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust resources with age-specific guidance, support, tips and animated videos to help children with speech, language and communications needs.

Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk Webinar

In this thought-provoking webinar 'Seeing the World through Babies' Eyes' Dr Suzanne Zeedyk passionately explores the importance of connections and belonging for a baby, and how babies are born connected.

You Are Your Baby's Best Toy

Everything you do together helps your baby’s brain develop. It’s never too early to start - from bump, to babies to toddlers. Explore how in this leaflet.

Brazelton Centre UK

Brazelton Centre's library of resources on baby behaviour which can be used to support parents in getting to know their new baby and in helping to promote an understanding of newborns’ communication.

NSPCC - Look, Say, Sing, Play.

Look, Say, Sing, Play is NSPCC's baby brain-building campaign, which provides parents with ideas of how they can communicate with their babies to encourage healthy brain development.

Ready to relate cards

These cards are a highly visual tool designed to facilitate understanding of the parent-infant relationship for practitioners and parents. Training for professionals is delivered by Bradford District Care NHS Care Trust.

Families with children aged 0-3, Training and development (workforce and volunteers)
Talking Together - Information for the Workforce

Find out how to refer two-year-olds for speech and language support in the home, delivered for us by BHT Early Education and Training

Early Years Alliance

Early Years Alliance's Family Corner is packed full of helpful articles on all aspects of child development including health, behaviour, communication and fun activities. And it is all written by experts.

Speech and Language UK

Speech and Language (was ICAN) UK's team of speech & language therapists have written the I CAN Help Factsheets, based on their most frequently asked questions from parents, carers and practitioners.

AWARE - Autism Resource

AWARE is a parent-run group supporting families with children and young adults on the autistic spectrum (formal diagnosis not required). The group covers the Airedale, Wharfedale, Bradford and Craven areas and beyond.

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