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Big Little Moments

Babies and toddlers are growing and learning every day and the little moments you share make a big difference. From morning time to bedtime, waiting for the bus to playing together, every moment is a chance to help build a child’s brain.

How do the Big Little Moments work?

Children’s brains are a lot like ropes, they are made of many different strands. Three of these strands are how they learn to talk, how they feel, and how they make friends. Every time you talk to a child, or respond to them, you’re helping these strands grow strong. And the stronger each strand is, the stronger their brain will be overall.

All these little moments you share add up to something much bigger, giving children the skills they need to develop into healthy, bright adults.


#1 Sharing a Story

Young brains need building, just like houses.

Sharing stories is really important for helping young brains grow and learn.

#2 Using Loving Words

Young brains need building, just like houses.

When you use kind, loving and calm words, you're helping them learn and grow.

#3 Making Everyday Moments Fun

When your baby tries to play with you during everyday moments, like when you're getting them dressed, be playful back with them.

This back and forth, like a game of catch, helps them learn and grow.

#4 Talking To The Bump

Babies' brains are like houses, they need building and they're being built even before they are born.

When you touch, sing or talk to the bump, you're laying a strong base that will help them learn and grow.

#5 Making Time To Play

Young brains are like houses, they need building.

Every time you play with your child, you're helping them build a strong base so they learn and grow. These little moments help your child in a big way.

#6 Listening and Responding

Chatting to your child is really important. When they ask for your attention, it's like they're batting you a ball.

When you respond, you're batting that ball back. This back and forth helps them learn and grow.

#7 Saying What They See

Making playful noises and pointing to things are some of the ways babies talk to you.

When they do this, it's like they're throwing you a ball. When you respond you're passing that ball back, like a game of catch.

#8 Saying What They're Doing

Young brains need building, just like houses do.

When you talk to children about what they're doing, you're laying the base for a strong brain.

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