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A collection of research and evaluation reports, family and early years resources, videos and podcasts, all created by Better Start Bradford and partners, or by the A Better Start programme team at The National Lottery Community Fund

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Building babies' brains, Play, Social and emotional support, Speech, language and communication, The 'A Better Start' programme Report

An Evaluation of the ‘Big Little Moments’ Campaign for the A Better Start Programme

The ‘Big Little Moments’ campaign set out to promote positive parenting behaviours that support good early child development through a suite of friendly characters translating complex scientific messages into simple everyday behaviours. The evaluation shares the impact of the campaign which ran throughout 2019 in all five A Better Start areas, including Better Start Bradford

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Community engagement, The 'A Better Start' programme Report

Parent, Family and Community Engagement: Learning from A Better Start

This report allows readers to hear directly from A Better Start parents, practitioners and directors as experts (including Better Start Bradford) in co-production on how families are contributing to service development, design and delivery, and improving systems around them. The report also contains links to recorded presentations.

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The 'A Better Start' programme Report

Trauma-Informed Practice in Early Child Development: Insights from The National Lottery Community Fund’s A Better Start Programme

This insight report provides a summary of emerging evidence in the area of childhood trauma and adversity. It shares the learning on how the A Better Start partnerships (including Better Start Bradford) have embedded an awareness of the impact of adverse childhood experiences within their work, and how they are supporting the development of trauma-informed practice, within their partnerships and the early years sector.

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The 'A Better Start' programme Report

A Better Start Through Improving Child Development Outcomes

This report focuses on the A Better Start (ABS) programme's three child development outcomes: children’s diet and nutrition, social and emotional development, and speech, language, and communication. The report shares learning on how ABS partnerships have supported families and faced challenges such as Covid-19 and cost of living increases. It also explores relevant government policy development in relation to early childhood development.

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