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Earliest Years of Life Podcast

Earliest Years of Life is an uplifting and engaging series that looks at how formative babies’ earliest months and years are.

Better Start Bradford’s Zak and Kerry talk with early years specialists from around the UK, to find out how babies and children can be given the best possible start in life.

Episode 1: What is Attachment and Why Does it Matter?

In this episode, Zak and Kerry chat with Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, a specialist in human connection and attachment theory, to explore how the earliest years of life give us the tools we use to navigate the challenges of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

Episode 2: Birth During a Pandemic

In this episode, Zak and Kerry explore what it is like to give birth in a pandemic and what are the challenges that families have faced.

They discuss the Babies in Lockdown report with two of its authors, Sally Hogg, Head of Policy and Campaigning at the Parent and Infant Foundation and Becky Saunders, Head of Policy and Development at Home-Start UK, together with local mum of three and early years professional, Noreen Kausar.