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Forest School Play Project

Outdoor learning adventures for children in early years settings

What is the Forest School Play Project?

The Forest School Play Project is an exciting, inclusive and adventurous nature-based play programme that creates and embeds an array of positive outcomes for young children and their families.

In partnership with early years settings across the Better Start Bradford area, young children spend time in safe, local green spaces, where they can discover, explore and learn through engaging activities, such as games, crafts and active play. Forest school leaders work with each setting over the course of a term, supporting the setting to improve resources for outdoor play, including equipment, grounds development and accredited forest school training.

The team also runs weekly fun, family play sessions in parks across the patch during term time.

What difference does the Forest School Play Project make?

This unique Forest Schools learning experience positively impacts children’s development in numerous ways by:

  • Helping children develop their social and emotional skills, independence and confidence
  • Offering exercise in an accessible and enjoyable form, out in the fresh air
  • Encouraging decision-making and co-operative working
  • Helping them and families develop healthy, sustainable habits
  • Facilitating the development of physical stamina and gross motor skills e.g. through running, climbing and balancing, as well as fine motor skills used in collecting and making
  • Helping them develop their communication skills and vocabulary

It also impacts the wider family by encouraging them to get outdoors and visit their local green spaces, giving parents and carers the confidence to support their child’s development through outdoor play.

Who is eligible for the Forest School Play Project

Early years settings in the Better Start Bradford area can sign up for a 9-week programme.

E-mail to enquire about this project

One child, who struggled with the transition of leaving parents in the morning, built enough independence to attend each session and join in successfully with all of the activities offered.

Forest schools should be in every school. My child enjoyed every session and so did I. Very educational.

This project is delivered by Get Out More

Contact the Forest School Play Project team:

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