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Better Place

The Better Place project has been working together with local people to improve outdoor spaces for families with young children in our area of Bradford.

The Better Place Bradford team have been working their magic across parks, pocket parks, community centres, streets and green spaces all across Bowling and Barkerend, Bradford Moor and Little Horton for families with children under four.

Check out the map below to see locations of improved spaces and click on the links below the map to discover what you can find at each park to start your outdoor adventures together today!

About Better Place

Better Place is identifying and overseeing improvements to local parks and outdoor spaces with the aim of providing a healthier and happier environment for babies, young children and families. The project is also finding ways to reduce exposure to harmful traffic fumes for pregnant women and small children.

The Better Place project is a Better Start Bradford project that is being delivered in collaboration with Bradford Council, Bradford Trident, Groundwork UK, Public Health, voluntary and community sector groups and local people.

Check out our events and activities page to find out what the Better Place Activities team are doing in Bowling and Barkerend, Bradford Moor and Little Horton.

Start your adventure here...

Bowling Park

There's so much to do at Bowling Park thanks to the Better Place team. Whizz around the wheelie track on your trike. Play hide and seek in the sand pit huts. See which creatures you can spot in The Roughs.

Bradford Moor Park

Are you ready to have an adventure in the natural play area? Or you can whoosh down the slide into the pond with shining mosaic fish and run around the giant duck, badger and mole before hiding in the wriggly worm!

Horton Park

There's so much to do at Horton Park thanks to the Better Place team. Whizz around the sculptures and across the bridge on your trike. See what you can build in the sandpit.

Myra Shay Park

There's so much to do at Myra Shay thanks to the Better Place team. Play hide and seek in the growing forest with your little ones. Roll down the mounds. See if you can name all of the different species of trees.

Peel Park

There's so much to do at Peel Park thanks to the Better Place team. Dare you climb up the spider's web to whoosh down the spider's slippery slide? And then clamber over the higgledy piggledy logs into the sand pit!

Pocket Parks

There's much fun to be had in Pocket Parks thanks to Better Place. Visit Attock Park to see if you can spot the sea creature sculptures or zoom down the Mayfield Centre slide before visiting the little free library.

Playful routes to explore...

Better Place have been busy looking at ways to make active travel to nursery and playgroups safer and more appealing by creating playful routes away from busy traffic and exhaust fumes.

You can find the playful routes below marked in pink on the map at the top of this page.

Beech Grove Greenway

Beech Grove Greenway is a stretch of green space providing a route through to the city centre from Beech Grove Park. It is now more attractive, fun and safe for families with young children. Find out more here...

Folkestone Street

Never has walking along a street been so much fun! Better Place have worked their magic on Folkestone Street - there's so much to see as you hop, skip and jump along the path, you will want to do it over and over again!

Kettlewell Snicket

Local families and their little ones are enjoying walking to Canterbury Nursery via Kettlewell Snicket. They are hopping over the alphabet stepping-stones, playing hopscotch and saying hello to the giant ladybird!

More Better Place magic...

The Better Place team have been working in partnership with local community centres, libraries and early year's settings to improve accessibility to their outdoor spaces for families with young children. They have also done extensive work to improve air quality through tree planting and air pollution reporting at local schools.

Oh and let's not forget the Little Free Libraries that are popping up everywhere!

Playful Places

There's so much fun to be had in outside spaces of local community centres. Whether it is following a sensory foot trail, transporting sand or getting arty on blackboards and paving, there's something for every toddler.

Little Free Libraries

The Little Free Libraries is an initiative that brings greater access to books for very young children. Find out where your nearest Little Free Library is.

Impact Stories / 13th January 2022
Better Place, Better Life

Annabel Mason, Senior Project Officer for Better Start Bradford’s Better Place programme, shares the extensive work that the team have been doing in the community to improve air quality.

Better Place Urban Ranger

Our Better Place Urban Ranger is always out and about looking after all of the Better Place sites. She makes sure that they are safe and free of rubbish and she also maintains the equipment. In fact she has recently been installing all of the Little Free Libraries across seven Better Place sites.

The Better Place Ranger also keeps a diary on the Better Place Facebook page. You can follow her adventures and any activities that are being run at Better Place sites on there.

If you spot anything on any of the Better Place sites that the Better Place Team should be aware of, please email the team at the second button below.

The Better Place project is supported and delivered by…

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