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Peel Park

There is so much to do at Peel Park:

  • Dare you climb the spider’s web?
  • Whoosh down the spider’s slippery slide.
  • Enjoy playing in the sand as the spider watches overhead.
  • Clamber over the higgledy piggledy logs in the natural play area.
  • See how many different types of trees you can spot.
  • Crawl through the tunnel.
  • Take a picnic and enjoy masses of grass to run and roll on.
  • And much much more…

You will find...

Sandy natural play area
Spider web themed slide
A tunnel to crawl through
Wooden logs to clamber around
A bug trail by Friends of Peel Park
Lots of green space
Lots of winding paths to explore

Postcode: BD3 0LY
Toddler play at Cliffe Road Entrance

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