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Bradford Moor Park

There is so much to do at Bradford Moor Park:

  • See what sparkles in the mosaic pond.
  • How many ducklings can you find?
  • Tell a story together sat on the leaf seats.
  • Hide in the squiggly den.
  • Run up the hill and whoosh down the slide.
  • Jump on the trampoline like a leaf hopper.
  • Wriggle through the wiggly worm.
  • Find footprints like yours!
  • And much much more…

You will find...

Natural play area with sand and boulders
Lots of animal sculptures
A toddler slide
A mosaic fish pond
A trampoline
A squiggly den
An embankment slide
A wiggly worm tunnel

Postcode: BD3 7JD
Parking on Silverhill Road 

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