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Baby Week Bradford 2021: Bradford Babies are EVERYONE's Business

The earliest years of a baby’s life – starting before birth – lay the foundations for every single aspect of their development.

It’s in all our interests that they get the best start in life. Put simply, healthy, happy, resilient babies are more likely to become healthy, happy, resilient adults.

Wellbeing and resilience matters for parents and caregivers too. When they are able to maximise their own mental, physical and social wellbeing they are able to care for others in the best way they can.

We’ve all battled quite the storm during the COVID-19 pandemic, possibly none more so than our health and social care workforce and early years colleagues. Baby Week Bradford provides an opportunity to give something back and invest in our fantastic staff.

With all this in mind, Baby Week Bradford returns from 15-21 November 2021 with a pick-and-mix menu of exciting, high-quality events and activities for families, the health and social care workforce, the early years workforce, volunteers, and policy and decision makers alike, designed to:

  • Inspire
  • Enlighten
  • Re-vitalise
  • Celebrate

…and demonstrate just why Bradford babies are EVERYONE’s business.

If you’d like to contact someone about any aspect of Baby Week Bradford please e-mail [email protected]