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The Baby Week Wiggle!

Calling humans of all ages...

We’re started our mission to get Bradford (and beyond) wiggling during Baby Week Bradford 2023!

There are so many benefits of dancing and moving to music:

  • It’s a great way to exercise

  • It allows people of all ages to express themselves

  • It’s energising, relaxing and – most of all – it’s lots and lots of fun!

You can wiggle anywhere and you can wiggle however you want, whether it’s wiggling your fingers, crawling in a wiggly line, wiggling your eyebrows, or wiggling your whole body. You can wiggle sitting down, standing up, indoors or outdoors.

In the video below, the wonderful Faye from BoomChikkaBoom will show you how to do the very special Baby Week Wiggle. Join in, let yourself go, put your own stamp on it, and we promise you’ll feel great!


Show us your wiggles!

We’d absolutely LOVE it if you shared your own videos of you, your early years settings, your play groups and your workplaces doing the Baby Week Wiggle.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Rehearse your moves by following Faye’s instructions in the video above.
  • Think about how you can put your own stamp on it – remember, you can wiggle however you want!
  • Play the video from 2 minutes 5 seconds in, or use this audio only track, and video yourselves doing your version of the Baby Week Wiggle along to the music (using the audio track allows you to play the music and record your video on a single device).
  • Share your video on Facebook, X or Instagram and use the hashtag #BabyWeekWiggle so that we can find you and share it with your fellow wigglers across Bradford and beyond! To make absolutely sure, you can also tag @betterstartbradford (Facebook / Instagram) @BetterStartBfd (X) in your posts. Don’t forget to make your Facebook wiggle posts shareable if you want us to find and share them!

Have fun and get wiggling!


The Baby Week Wiggle was created for Baby Week Bradford 2023 to encourage people of all ages (but especially those in their earliest years) to get dancing and moving.

A huge thank you to Faye from BoomChikkaBoom for creating the brilliant song and accompanying dance moves, to Davinder and the team at Punjabi Roots Academy for filming and editing this video, and collectively for making the Baby Week Wiggle a reality.

The Baby Week Wiggle also plays a starring role in this promotional video for Baby Week Bradford 2023.

Contact us about Baby Week Bradford:

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