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Baby Week Bradford: 14-20 November 2022

You might think babies can’t talk, but in fact they’re born communicating. Every time they cry, kick their legs, make a face, babble or giggle, they’re saying something…long before they use their first words.

By interacting with them – even before birth – we can all build these early communication skills to help their brains develop, help them feel safe and connected, and help them grow up happy and healthy. This supports their speech, language and communication throughout their lives.

That’s what Baby Week Bradford 2022 WAS all about, and it all took place from 14-20 November…

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Slides from Bradford Babies TALKING: Speech, Language and Communication in the Early Years - Thursday 17 November 2022

Anulika Ifezue - Brazelton Centre

Putting the baby's voice at the centre of care and relationships

Jeszemma Howl - Fatherhood Institute

Father Time: dads communicating, and communicating with dads

Jo Claessens - BBC Tiny Happy People

BBC Tiny Happy People - an introduction

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Top Talking Tips Booklet and Wallchart

Download the Top Talking Tips booklet and wallchart - a speech, language and communication resource for early years settings

Explore Speech, Language and Communication Resources

Links, downloads and signposting to some of our favourite speech, language and communication resources for the early years

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Baby Week Bradford 2023

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