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Little Minds Matter

Supporting early relationships between babies and their parents/carers from pregnancy to a child’s second birthday

What is Little Minds Matter

Little Minds Matter provides specialist support to families where there are concerns or challenges with the parent-infant relationship and with families where there are risk factors that mean a difficulty in the parent-child relationship may occur in the future.

Difficulties in pregnancy, a traumatic birth or past parenting experiences, loss or bereavement, low mood or anxiety can all affect how parents feel about their baby and how they make sense of the world. Their specialist multi-disciplinary team (including community support and engagement, family therapy, health visiting, midwifery and psychology) works with families to:

  • Explore the challenges that having a new baby can bring
  • Help them think about their relationship with their baby
  • Support them to play with and talk to their baby
  • Talk through concerns they may have about their baby
  • Help them consider the thoughts and experiences of their baby
  • Think about how their previous experiences are affecting them now
  • Build their enjoyment and confidence in being a parent

They also offer consultation and training to professionals across the Bradford district to support understanding around the importance of healthy parent-infant relationships.

What difference does Little Minds Matter make?

Interventions are aimed at improving parent-infant relationships in a timely way to benefit a baby’s lifelong mental and physical health.

Parents who access support from Little Minds Matter have a better understanding of the power of positive interactions with their baby, how to notice and respond to baby’s cues and how to engage in ‘serve and return’ interactions.

Their consultation and training with professionals supports understanding around the importance of healthy parent-infant relationships.

Who is eligible for Little Minds Matter?

Families with children aged up to 2 living within the Bradford Local Authority Area.

E-mail to enquire about making a referral

Little Minds Matter helped me realise I was a good mother.

I am grateful and happy I was referred to Little Minds Matter. Thank you so much for all your help and support and believing in me and helping me to build a bond with my baby.

I’m organising consultations for staff with Little Minds Matter to ensure the topic of parent infant relationships is on our forefront when working with families.

This project is delivered by Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust

Contact the Little Minds Matter team:

More information about Little Minds Matter

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