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Baby Week Bradford

The annual celebration of babies and all those who care for them, livening up Bradford's Novembers since 2018

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Baby Week Bradford is a celebration of babies, and a chance to put them – and all the people who care for them – in the spotlight.

Through events, activities and resources, Baby Week Bradford highlights what’s on offer in across the district for expectant families and families with babies and toddlers, develops best practice, gives families the opportunity to celebrate babies at some seriously fun-packed events, and raises awareness about early childhood development and the importance of the first 1001 days.

Baby Week Bradford was born in 2018, following in the footsteps of close neighbours, Baby Week Leeds. It’s part of a growing movement, with 9 locations now taking part across the country from 14-20 November. Better Start Bradford co-ordinates Baby Week Bradford on behalf of the district, working closely with public and voluntary sector partners.

Below you can find out more about Baby Week Bradford, all the themes we’ve covered since 2018, and all the helpful resources that have been developed over the years.

Baby Week Bradford year by year

Baby Week Bradford 2023

Find out what happened during Baby Week Bradford 2023, when we focused on nutrition, exercise and physical health - and wiggled like our lives depended on it!

Baby Week Bradford 2022

Baby Week Bradford 2022 focused on speech, language and communication in the early years, with Bradford Babies TALKING!

Thinking of organising your own Baby Week?

Visit the Baby Week UK website

Join the growing movement of Baby Weeks across the country

Find out more about the history of Baby Week Bradford

In this article we tell the story of how Baby Week Bradford came about and how it has evolved over the years, and give our ten top tips for anyone thinking of organising their own Baby Week

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