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Personalised Midwifery Care Project

Ensuring women see the same midwife throughout pregnancy and birth, and receive enhanced support and information

What is the Personalised Midwifery Care Project

This project provides women and their families with personalised, continuous care before, during and after the birth of their baby, and supports them in planning and making informed choices around the birth. It also offers enhanced care to help promote key health messages around breastfeeding, smoking and nutrition.

It differs from the way midwife services are normally provided by ensuring one dedicated midwife, alongside another midwife as a ‘buddy’, is allocated to supporting each woman during pregnancy, the birth, and afterwards. This midwife and the buddy will provide at least 70% of a woman’s midwife appointments, and will act as co-ordinators for other care such as hospital appointments. When women go into labour the team will provide a midwife she knows for the birth.

The project also provides longer antenatal appointments and a home visit prior to booking, allowing the woman and her midwife to establish a relationship and have more time for discussing choices around pregnancy and birth.

Who provides this service?

This service is provided by the Clover Team, a midwifery team based at St Luke’s Hospital.

What difference does the project make?

Evidence suggests that this type of high level care has a lasting benefit for families and their children.

Who is eligible for this type of midwifery care?

Some pregnant women in the Better Start Bradford area will automatically be contacted by the Clover Team.

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