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Activities to try at home

Here are some great ideas to keep little minds and bodies active.

Play and communication
For tips on playing and communicating with your baby or toddler at home, watch the Big Little Moments videos, download our handy booklet You Are Your Baby’s Best Toy, or visit the Words for Life website:

Stories, rhymes and books
It’s never too early to read to your child or share stories and there’s plenty of help out there. See the Literacy Trust website for activities, tips and more, download the CBeebies Storytime app, or even join Dolly Parton for a bedtime story:

Healthy lifestyles
Look no further than the HENRY website for ways to encourage your young children to stay active, plus they have yummy healthy, inexpensive family recipes to try. Start4Life also has some simple ideas to get toddlers active:

Getting outdoors
Spending time outdoors is great for the whole family’s wellbeing, plus children can learn and have fun through nature. Both Get Out More and our Better Place project have lots of ideas for families with young children to connect with the outdoors, and you can also check out our booklet ‘Enjoying The Outdoors Together’ :

Activity ideas
There are no shortage of activity ideas on offer at the moment, but here are some of our favourites here at Better Start Bradford:

Pregnancy and birth support

Early Years Guides from Bradford Council
Bradford Council has produced some guides to help you and your family remain healthy and safe whilst you are socially distancing yourselves:

Find out here what support you can get from Better Start Bradford during COVID-19, including virtual antenatal classes, advice on starting solids with your baby, emotional and practical support, and much much more…