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Perinatal Support Service

Emotional and mental health support during pregnancy and beyond, delivered by Family Action

Feeling down, anxious or lonely during pregnancy and after childbirth is common.

Family Action can support families’ emotional health and well-being by providing a listening ear, encouraging them to share and offload, as well as help them to take part in local groups and activities.

Using a peer support model, they offer an hour each week of listening support, in the home, or remotely. Trained in listening, all their staff and volunteers have parenting experience themselves and understand the challenges families face.

To find out more or request support for a family you work with, you can contact them by:

Calling: 07966 926849

E-mail: [email protected]

This service is available across Bradford district through Start for Life.

E-mail to enquire about making a referral

Without the Perinatal Support Service I'm not sure how I would have coped. I had no idea how to manage my stress levels and knew it was important for me to be less stressed for the baby while I was pregnant and after the baby came.

I have learned how to pick up on babies' cues. I did not know how amazing babies were - they pick up on everything, even how I am feeling.

I really liked the interaction with my client and can see that I am helping and this also impacts on my own self esteem. It feels good to help others.

This project is delivered by Family Action

Contact the Perinatal Support Service team:

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Impact Stories / 9th July 2020
How perinatal support turned my life around

Nisa, 28, is mum to three children under the age of five. When her youngest son was born, she simply felt like she couldn’t face the world each day until support came in the form of the Perinatal Support Service.