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Helping families live healthier lifestyles

What is HENRY?

HENRY guides groups of parents and carers towards healthier habits for the whole family in a supportive and non-judgmental way, focusing on nutrition, eating behaviours and exercise.

The HENRY project also provides free training and resources to the whole workforce plus volunteers enabling you to deliver HENRY parenting programmes and related support in your own settings.

What difference does HENRY make?

HENRY changes lives by:

  • Helping families improve their eating habits, particularly through eating more fruit and vegetables, consuming fewer high fat/sugar goods and reducing unhealthy snacking
  • Encouraging families to be more physically active
  • Arming parents and carers with strategies and tools to continue implementing what they’ve learnt, including a parent handbook containing healthy recipes, fun activities, how to read food labels, snack swaps, portion sizes and much more
  • Helping parents and carers reduce mealtime stress
  • Allowing parents and carers to connect with each other in a relaxed environment, share experiences, support each other and celebrate their achievements

In the longer term we expect HENRY to contribute to reductions in the number of overweight/obese children in the Better Start Bradford area at age 2, 5 and 11. The project aims to reduce the health inequalities experienced by many families in the area.

Who can take part in HENRY?

  • Parents and carers in the Better Start Bradford area with children aged 0-4 can take part in HENRY Healthy Families groups and workshops. To find out about HENRY provision across the Bradford district – including the group programme and Starting Solids workshops – please visit the FYI website.
  • All members of the workforce within the Better Start Bradford area can undertake HENRY training

Ring 07709 640454 to make a referral.

We have cut down on portion sizes and generally tried to eat more healthily, and I’ve replaced unhealthy snacks for the children with better ones. We try to be more active and try to get out and about more as a family.

Watch this video to find out how much HENRY can make a difference


This project is delivered by HENRY

Contact the HENRY team in Bradford:

More information about the HENRY project

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