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Pocket Parks

The Better Place team has made improvements in the heart of the community, in Pocket Parks including:

  • Attock Park, BD3 8AX
  • Back Derby Place Pocket Park, BD3 8LY (Behind Redmire Street)
  • Burlington Avenue Pocket Park, BD3 7DY
  • Burnett Avenue Pocket Park, BD5 9LU
  • Jane Binns Pocket Park, BD5 8DY
  • Mayfield Centre Pocket Park, BD5 9NP
  • Woodroyd Centre Pocket Park, Greenway Road, BD5 8ER

The Pocket Parks are all labelled in pink on the map below.

About Pocket Parks

Pocket parks are small areas of inviting public green space where people can relax, exercise, socialise and play and are usually within a residential estate, which means they are at the heart of the community.

The Better Place team has been working their magic on these small spaces to make them more accessible for families with very young children.

Attock Park

Dig in the planting beds and grow something you can eat.
Pick a book from the Little Free Library.
Clamber on a crab.
Share the nest swing with your friends.
Take a seat under the tree and look up into the canopy.
Balance and stretch on the wooden posts.
Jump the waves and find your favourite fish!

Back Derby Place Pocket Park

Jump, swing, climb, balance, hide and spin on the new play equipment.
Can you find the birds?
Spot the peacock feathers at the gate.
Enjoy climbing and rolling down the mounds.
Run around the greenspace.
Play under the shade of the trees - what can you see?

Burlington Avenue Pocket Park

Wriggle and crawl through the trio of holey boulders.
Skip, hop and jump along the sensory path.
Dip your toes in the nature themed splash pools.
Can you spot the walnut tree?
Trace the wriggles on the fencing with your body.
A perfect place for a picnic and much more...

Burnett Avenue Pocket Park

Whoosh your wheelie around the winding wiggly paths.
See who can roll the fastest down the steep hill.
Who will race to the squirrel first?
Get your chalks and colour in the mushrooms, acorns and the flying owl.
A perfect place for a picnic and much more...

Jane Binns Pocket Park

Explore this little oasis with your little ones.
Crawl through the tunnel like a curly caterpillar.
Bring your blanket and set up a picnic on the grass.
See what patterns you can see in the metal globes.
Watch and listen to the birds in the trees.
Take a seat in the sunshine and read a story to your little one.
And much much more...

Mayfield Pocket Park

Climb the netting like a spindly spider.
Run up the grassy bank and zoom down the slide.
Smell all the different herbs in the planters.
See what patterns you can see in the brightly coloured canopy.
Pick a book from the Little Free Library with your little ones.
How high can you go on the swing?
Bring your chalks and draw pictures on the path.
And much much more...

Woodroyd Pocket Park

Sit like a boggart on a toadstool at the Woodroyd Centre.
Slide down the embankment and shout ‘woo hoo!’
Find the rainbow of colours.
Climb the mountain of steps to the summit.
And much much more...

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Peel Park

There's so much to do at Peel Park thanks to the Better Place team. Dare you climb up the spider's web to whoosh down the spider's slippery slide? And then clamber over the higgledy piggledy logs into the sand pit!

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