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Playful Places

Outdoor areas of local community buildings have been improved for families with 0-3's thanks to the Better Place team.

The Better Place team has been working in partnership with local community groups to improve the outdoors areas at community buildings. These outdoor community spaces include:

  • CHAS @ St Vincent’s (BD3 0DZ)
  • Laisterdyke Library (BD3 8EL)
  • Neighbourhood Resource Centre on Ventnor Street (BD3 9JP)
  • Newby Primary School (BD5 7DQ)
  • SHINE West Bowling (BD5 7BX)

These improved outdoor community spaces are all labelled in the paler blue on the map below.

About Better Place

Better Place is identifying and overseeing improvements to local parks and outdoor spaces with the aim of providing a healthier and happier environment for babies, young children and families. The project is also finding ways to reduce exposure to harmful traffic fumes for pregnant women and small children.

The Better Place project is a Better Start Bradford project that is being delivered in collaboration with Bradford Council, Bradford Trident, Groundwork UK, Public Health, voluntary and community sector groups and local people.

Check out our events and activities page to find out what the Better Place Activities team are doing in Bowling and Barkerend, Bradford Moor and Little Horton.

CHAS @ St Vincent's

Have a go at growing your own fruit and veg in the raised planters.
What fruit from can you spot in the fruit trees?
Taste produce from the garden in the St Vincent's cafe.
Simply relax in the beautiful tranquil surroundings of nature.

Laisterdyke Library

Hop, skip, jump, toddle along the textured pathway - what can you feel under your feet?
Mix a mud pie and make leaf soup in the mud kitchen.
Cuddle up on the story telling chair and share a story from the library.
How many animals can you spot in the metal trees - an owl, a squirrel, a snake maybe?
Enjoy protection away from Leeds Road with air pollution reducing ivy screening.

Neighbourhood Resource Centre

Smell and touch all the different herbs and plants in the raised planting beds.
Balance on one foot on the stepping posts.
Which bobble can you reach on the tall wooden posts?
Pull a funny face at yourself in the mirrors on the wall.
What picture can you draw on the blackboard or even the floor?
Race your wheelies around the big red circle.
What shapes can you spot in the fretwork paneling around the play area?
Try and spot the Shapla Lily on the wall.

Newby Primary school

Make lots in the sand including volcanoes, castles, road tracks for your cars.
Balance along the big rock boulders.
Pretend to be a pirate and bury treasure in the sand.
Use the sand transporter to take sand from one side to the other.
Make sand-wiches in the mud kitchen!
Can you get the giant scales to balance?

SHINE West Bowling

By creating a new path through the grounds of SHINE West Bowling, families with young children no longer have to walk by the side of the road to go to their nursery or school.

You will spot various silhouettes which depict children and families walking along too.
You will be able to smell and touch the wildflowers growing in the wild patch.
Can you walk over the 'wetlands' without your toes getting wet?

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Events & activities

Whether you’re expecting a baby, have children aged 0-3 or work or volunteer in health, maternity or early years, we've got an event or training session for you.

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Better Place

The Better Place project is working with local people to create safer, healthier and fun places across the Better Start Bradford area. Where will your next adventure be?