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Learning Together

Our Learning Together programme encompasses learning activities for the early years workforce, including conferences, events, training and forums to share research, information and inspiration.

Opportunities are open to all those working with expectant families and families with children under four, as well as community leaders and families who want to learn more to make a difference in our part of Bradford. Some of our larger events are open to workforce outside this area.

Through this we aim to:

  • Develop a confident, capable, skilled workforce of practitioners and volunteers working with families, focused on meeting the needs of our children.
  • Encourage the development of strong relationships between families and the people supporting them.
  • Ensure our local workforce is supported to develop their skills and knowledge, so they have a voice in developing great services.
  • Bring people together, to learn together, learn from each other and develop effective ways of working together.


Shared Learning Events

Our Shared Learning events provide networking and learning opportunities, where we come together as the Better Start Bradford family to learn more about research, policy and practice developments. They are for any frontline staff, volunteers and community leaders in the Better Start Bradford area, working with expectant families and families with children under four, plus early years workforce from outside this area.

During 2019/20, there will be four events themed around:

  • Communications and relationships
  • Prevention in early years
  • Amazing babies and wonderful toddlers
  • Family and community health

Please keep an eye on our events calendar for details of these events. To receive details of these events straight to your inbox, please sign up to our shared learning mailing list.

Knowledge Cafés

Our Knowledge Cafés are informal bite-size meetings or workshops examining hot topics relevant to Bradford and its children. They provide a great place to network, make connections, engage in open and creative conversation, share insights, and gain a deeper understanding.

Cross-site events

The five ‘A Better Start’ sites come together regularly to run cross-site learning events, looking at latest research and good practice related to each of our key outcomes for supporting children: social and emotional development, health and nutrition, and language and communication. An overview of all the events so far and downloadable presentations can be found in the ‘Learning and development events’ section on this page on the A Better Start website.

Share your ideas and knowledge

Aside from coming along to our events to engage in discussion, could you work with us to help share ideas and knowledge? If you have ideas for our events, or think you could help to organise or speak at one, please get in touch.

Tools, resources and info

Zakra Yasin, Workforce Development Manager, says:

“Our Learning Together initiative is all about bringing professionals, volunteers and parents together to ensure we're doing the best we can for families in Bradford and beyond.”