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Request for Information: Family Support in the Home

Better Start Bradford would like to refresh its understanding of the extent of 1-to-1 family support provision offered within the home currently available in the Better Start Bradford area of Bowling and Barkerend, Bradford Moor and Little Horton. We are inviting responses from organisations with a track record of delivering family support within the home in this part of Bradford.

The purpose of this exercise is to determine:

  • The number of organisations within the Better Start Bradford area with a track record of delivering services in line with the specification.
  • The indicative cost to deliver services as specified.

About us

Better Start Bradford is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund to develop an evidence base and new ways of working to improve outcomes for pregnant women and children aged 0-3. It is based in three of Bradford most deprived wards: Bowling and Barkerend, Bradford Moor and Little Horton. The programme aims to improve outcomes in children’s social and emotional development, communication and language, and health and nutrition (with a particular focus on obesity). Bradford Trident is the accountable body for the programme which runs for 10 years from 2015 – 2025. It is a ‘test and learn’ programme from which we will develop better evidence for prevention activities and interventions that work, and which can become part of a sustained way of working.

How we think we can bring about change

Better Start Bradford believes there is a clear and demonstrable need to intervene at the family level to prevent the escalation of issues at an early stage, to reduce the burden on statutory targeted and specialist services. There is evidence to suggest that families living within difficult socio-economic circumstances are more likely to experience multiple risk factors, including poor parental physical and mental wellbeing, that impact upon their ability to provide supportive family relationships and environments (McLeod, et al.1993). Secure attachment relationships between infants and parents are particularly important in the social and emotional development of the child, and families experiencing high levels of stress are less likely to be able to nuture this. Maternal mental wellbeing in particular is associated with poorer childhood outcomes in terms of child behaviour (Kiernan et al 2008 and Reitz et al 2006).

There is evidence that supports an association between supportive family relationships and environments with better childhood outcomes and better mental health later in life. In addition, we draw upon research that points to the importance of developing trusted peer relationships that sit outside of statutory provision in providing support.

The core components of the home support service

The service is part of a balanced programme of activities, with home-based 1-to-1 delivery enabling a targeted approach to specific needs, and the facilitation of a supportive home-environment for child development, complementing other group and community-based provision.

The core components are:

  • Support for 35 new families in a year.
  • Home-based, weekly support of 1-2 hours for a period up to 12 months.
  • Needs-led support based on initial assessment with regular review points and clear objectives to be achieved.
  • Support to be peer-led and ‘matched’ to families.
  • Clearly defined and embedded processes for training, supervision and support for those working with families.

Key outcome

The desired outcome is for families to perceive that they are better able to manage the stressors they encounter in everyday life in order to provide a supportive environment for their children’s development.

What we would like to know from you

We would be grateful if you could please take the time to answer the following questions.

  • What is the name, address and registered status of your organisation?
  • Who do you deliver your service to and in which geographical locations?
  • How does your service meet the core components described above? Please address each component separately.
  • What would be the indicative cost for delivery for 1 year?

Please note: this is NOT part of a procurement process and there are no intentions at this time to undertake any procurement, however the intelligence gained from this exercise will be used to inform decisions regarding future commissioning intentions.

We would like to encourage responses from all suitable organisations, however doing so does not provide any advantage for any future commissioning activity. Your response will provide us with market intelligence only and will not be scored or compared with other responses, however your response will be assessed to ensure it complies with the core components above.

If you require any further information, please contact Jill Duffy, Implementation Manager at Better Start Bradford: 01274 513220 / jill[email protected]

All responses to be sent to [email protected] by 5.00pm on Wednesday 25 March 2020

Download a PDF of this information.

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