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Kettlewell Snicket

Local children from Canterbury worked hard with the Better Place team to create artwork that influenced the design of Kettlewell Snicket. The snicket provides a safe playful path for families and their little ones to walk on or to ride their wheelies to Canterbury Nursery.

Why not…

  • Hop, skip, run or jump along alphabet stepping stones.
  • Grab a stone and play hopscotch and see if you can reach number 10.
  • Ride your wheelies along the path.
  • Get your chalk and give the giant ladybird different coloured spots.
  • Trace your fingers around the giant snail’s shell.
  • Count the branches in the silver birch trees.

About Kettlewell Snicket

You will find:

A safe, toddler friendly walkway
A giant ladybird sculpture
A giant snail sculpture
Alphabetic stepping stones
Silver Birch Trees

Postcode: BD5 9HW
Access via Kettlewell Drive


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