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Talking Together

Supporting two-year-olds in communication and language development through home visits to encourage play and conversation

Talking Together provides language assessments to all two-year-olds in the Better Start Bradford area. Following these assessments, families with two-year-olds who are shown to potentially benefit from extra support are then offered one-to-one sessions at home over a six-week period. These sessions aim to help parents and carers engage their children on an ongoing basis in activities, play and conversation that helps communication and language development.

The types of activities promoted through these sessions are shown to help improve children’s language skills and ability to interact positively with people around them. This can help children be better prepared for starting school and have a long-term impact on their literacy skills.

Who will benefit? All two-year olds in the Better Start Bradford area are being offered a language assessment. About four in 10 families are then offered one-to-one sessions.

Where and when is it delivered? Language assessments are being provided to all two-year olds in the Better Start Bradford area through home visits shortly after the child’s second birthday. The one-to-one sessions, if needed, are then provided in the home or other convenient location.

Who provides it? BHT Early Education and Training is a local charity commissioned by Better Start Bradford to provide this and other projects in our area.

How do families register? There’s no need to register – parents will be contacted by BHT Early Education and Training shortly after their child’s second birthday, offering an appointment. If you have any queries about this, please contact Rebecca Heald or Amanda Hall on 01274 470142.

Talking Together is one of more than 20 projects being provided by Better Start Bradford for pregnant women and families with children under four in Little Horton, Bowling and Barkerend and Bradford Moor.