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Pre-Schoolers in the Playground

Pre-Schoolers in the Playground (PiP) is a 10-week project which provides opportunities for parents and children to get active in a safe outdoor environment while building parents’ skills and confidence in active play.

PiP is being delivered in the playgrounds of three primary schools in Bradford:

  • Bowling Park Primary School, New Cross Street, West Bowling, Bradford, BD5 8BT
  • Bowling Park Primary School, Usher Street, East Bowling, Bradford, BD4 7DS
  • Killinghall Primary, 399 Killinghall Rd, Bradford BD3 7JF

It is available to all parents with pre-school children aged between 18 months and four years. Each school will deliver three 10-week PiP courses across the school year. They will open up their playgrounds to parents and children at school drop-off and/or pick up times for half an hour every day, giving parents and carers a choice of when works best for them.

The 30 minutes sessions are led by trained Parent Involvement Workers and consist of two 5-minute structured parent and child activity sessions and 20 minutes of free play. Each week families will receive a free piece of play equipment to keep which will allow them to recreate the activities at home.

PiP will be delivered in the schools for a trial period of 15 months from June 2018.

As well as providing families with opportunities for active play, PiP will also cover topics such as what to wear for outdoor play, how to praise and encourage children, and will help parents and carers to identify other outdoor spaces near them where they can be active with their children.

Who’s it for?

Parents and carers of children who live locally to the schools, within the Better Start Bradford area.

For more information and to register, please contact:

Bowling Park Primary School, New Cross Street, BD5 8BT.  Monday to Friday 9.00-9.30am. Contact:  Maureen Singh, Tel: 01274 770270

Bowling Park Primary School, Usher Street, BD4 7DS. Monday to Friday 9.00-9.30am. Contact: Vicky Conway, Tel: 01274 723255

Killinghall Primary, 399 Killinghall Rd, BD3 7JF.  Monday to Thursday 11.20-11.50am and Friday 10.05-10.35am. Contact Shaheen Khan, Tel: 01274 771166

More information

The PiP programme was developed by researchers at Born in Bradford following the publication of the Chief Medical Officer’s guidance for physical activity in the under 5s. The development process was informed by physical activity literature and evidence of effective strategies to reduce health inequalities, as well as focus groups with Bradford parents. It was also tested via a pilot trial in Bradford schools.


Pre-Schoolers in the Playground is one of more than 20 projects being provided by Better Start Bradford for pregnant women and families with children under four in Little Horton, Bowling and Barkerend and Bradford Moor.