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Parents in the Lead activities fund

The Parents in the Lead activities fund helps parents (mums, dads, grandparents and expectant parents) run activities for families expecting babies or with children under four in the Better Start Bradford area (Bowling and Barkerend, Bradford Moor and Little Horton).

We are particularly interested to hear from parents who are not currently involved in local activities for babies and children, to support them to organise activities.

Who’s it for? Smaller parent and community-led organisations in the Better Start Bradford area can apply. The majority of those benefiting from this fund must be families expecting babies or children under four and their parents.

How much funding is available? You can apply for a maximum of £2,500 in one year. You can apply more than once a year but the limit is £2,500.

What type of activities will be funded? Activities should be in line with the Better Start Bradford vision and:

  • Contribute towards the social and emotional development of babies and children aged under four
  • Develop communication and language in babies and children aged under four
  • Improve nutrition and health in babies and children aged under four

Examples of activities might include:

  • Activities for dads and their young children
  • Activities involving grandparents
  • Activities involving groups of siblings
  • Playgroups
  • Growing and outdoor activities
  • Baby sign language classes

Please check the guidance notes to see what activities we can and can’t fund.

How do you apply for funding from the Parents in the Lead activities fund? There is a quick, simple application form which parents (and those supporting them) complete to tell us about your ideas and what these will cost.

Parents in the lead – activities fund – application form

Parent in the Lead application guidance notes

How are decisions made? Decisions are made by a selection panel, which includes local parents, who will look at all the applications and choose the best ideas for local families with children under four to enjoy.  All activities will be in line with our vision.

How can parents get involved in the selection panel? There is a simple application form for parents to complete to express an interest in getting involved.

How to find out more: To find out more, or if you have any questions as you complete your application, please contact our family and community engagement team on 01274 723146.
Selection panel information leaflet

Selection panel application form [PDF]

Deadlines to apply:


Parents in the Lead leaflet:

Everything you need to know about Parents in the Lead can be found in the leaflet below:

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