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Incredible Years

Incredible Years aims to improve parent-infant relationships and attachment by using positive parenting strategies. The project is aimed at parents, grandparents and carers that have a child aged between 12-36 months.

Through two-hour sessions over 13 weeks, parents, grandparents and carers will learn more effective strategies to enhance their child’s emotions, how to help their toddlers handle separations and emotional regulation issues by using predictable routines.

The sessions cover:

Part 1 – Child-Directed Play Promotes Positive Relationships
Part 2 – Promoting Toddler’s Language with Child-Directed Coaching
Part 3 – Social and Emotion Coaching
Part 4 – The Art of Praise and Encouragement
Part 5 – Spontaneous Incentives for Toddlers
Part 6 – Handling Separations and Reunions
Part 7 – Positive Discipline-Effective Limit Setting
Part 8 – Positive Discipline-Handling Misbehaviour

Who provides it?

Incredible Years is delivered by Barnardo’s.

Where and when is it delivered?

Incredible Years takes place regularly in local community venues across the Better Start Bradford area.

How do parents sign up/register?

Professionals and families can refer directly:

01274 513300
[email protected]