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Forest School Play Project

The Forest School Play Project is an exciting, inclusive and adventurous nature-based play programme which seeks to create and embed positive outcomes for young children and their families across the Better Start Bradford area.

Forest School is a unique approach to child development that enables children to learn and grow through play in a natural setting. Accessing safe, local green spaces, children will be free to discover, explore and learn through engaging outdoor activities, such as games, crafts and active play. The activities will encourage physical activity and communication, building confidence, resilience and support for growing minds and bodies.

The Forest School Play Project:

  • Provides a playful, active format in the fresh air, offering exercise in a form that is accessible and enjoyable for all.
  • Offers choice and decision-making, combined with time to reflect, supporting families to experiment and build confidence.
  • Encourages the development of healthy habits for children and parents which can be sustained.
  • Facilitates physical development of stamina and gross motor skills e.g. through running, climbing and balancing, as well as fine motor skills used in collecting and making.

Who is it for? Forest school sessions are aimed at early years settings across the Better Start Bradford area and will be attended by children aged 3 years and their parents.  Beyond the first year of the programme, the target age group may extend to 0-3 year olds.

Who provides it? The Forest School Play Project is delivered by Get Out More CIC. Get Out More is a social enterprise on a mission to help people engage with nature to feel better in mind and body.  Based in Bradford District, they run outdoor programmes, including forest schools, outdoor play and community engagement programmes, for people of all ages.  They use local woodlands, parks and natural spaces to bring people together, be active and feel good, working towards their vision: communities and nature growing healthier together.

Where and when is it delivered? The Forest School Play Project is being delivered with early years settings across the whole Better Start Bradford area by Get Out More. Details and information on the activities being undertaken by Get Out More will be available on the Better Start Bradford website, social media channels and in early year settings. We are keen to hear from early years settings who would like to be involved.

Contact: Annie Berrington
07974 935105 [email protected]

The Forest School Play Project is one of more than 20 projects being provided by Better Start Bradford for pregnant women and families with children under four in Little Horton, Bowling and Barkerend and Bradford Moor.