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Cooking for a Better Start

Contact details and a summary of what our projects are delivering during the COVID-19 pandemic can be found at: https://www.betterstartbradford.org.uk/news/stillheretohelp/

Practical cooking sessions over six weeks helping families gain the skills and knowledge to cook low-cost, healthy food at home.

Cooking for a Better Start is for all parents and carers in the Better Start Bradford area who want to learn how to cook low-cost, healthy meals for their family. Groups of six parents meet every week for six weeks to try out a range of straightforward recipes. Dads, mums, grandparents, aunts and uncles are all welcome – anyone who looks after a child aged under four. There will be a crèche or children can be included and everyone who takes part will take home a free cooking-related gift at the end of each week. The groups are all free.

The Cooking for a Better Start sessions will help you:

  • Practice making at least six different healthy, low cost meals
  • Share ideas for encouraging your family to eat healthy foods
  • Understand more about how much of different foods we should be eating
  • Find out about what is in the food we eat by better understanding labels and packaging
  • Think about shopping for your family meals and how to eat healthily on a budget

Sessions will help you increase your confidence and give you a greater awareness of your own strengths and resourcefulness. It will also enable you to develop goals and strategies around healthy eating that will help to give your children the best start in life.

Who provides it? Cooking for a Better Start is delivered by HENRY: a national charity working in partnership with Better Start Bradford to provide this and other activities in our area to support a healthy start in life.

Where and when is it delivered? Cooking for a Better Start takes place regularly in community venues across the Better Start Bradford area. Please check our events calendar for details of forthcoming groups.

How do people sign up/register? Contact HENRY in Bradford on 07709 640454 / [email protected]