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Better Place


Involving local people in developing safer and healthier places for expectant parents and families with children under four to play and walk, and increase access to outdoor spaces.

It is widely accepted that a poor environment affects health and well-being, and this applies to babies and small children too. Better Place is improving and investing in key features of the local environment to improve children’s emotional health and physical fitness, setting them up for life.

Better Place is identifying and overseeing improvements to local parks and outdoor spaces with the aim of providing a healthier and happier environment for babies, young children and families. The project will also find ways to reduce exposure to harmful traffic fumes for pregnant women and small children.

Better Place is focusing on:

  • Supporting local people, with a particular focus on families with children aged 0-3, to get involved in developing plans for improvements to outdoor spaces.
  • Access to high quality green spaces and outdoor play facilities that are important to children’s health and wellbeing, such as parks, playgrounds and woodland.
  • Opportunities for children to play and enjoy nature, looking to ‘reclaim’ spaces for families’ use through a variety of different activities.
  • Access to safe, high-quality routes and spaces for families to walk and exercise, so that they can get around in a healthy, safe, affordable and enjoyable way.
  • Air quality in the local area, especially in places where children live and play, considering how local sources of pollution can be addressed and how we can help protect pregnant women and children from exposure to fumes.

Who provides it? Better Place is a Better Start Bradford project that is being delivered in collaboration with Bradford Council, Groundwork UK, Public Health, voluntary and community sector groups and local people.

Where and when is it delivered? Better Place is being delivered across the whole Better Start Bradford area. Details and information on the activities being undertaken by Better Place will be publicised on the Better Start Bradford website and social media channels.

Contact for more info?
The Better Place team would love to hear from you! The team is based at the Mayfield Centre on Broadway Avenue, BD5 9NP. Please contact the office on 01274 735300 or email [email protected]

You can also keep in touch with local events and activities via the Better Place Instagram account and the Better Place Facebook page

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