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Baby Steps

Becoming a parent can be really difficult for a whole variety of reasons. Baby Steps is a group-based programme designed to support expectant parents to navigate the emotional and physical transition into parenthood. The programme starts from around the 28th week of pregnancy and is led by a midwife and a family support worker.

Baby Steps helps parents:

  • Form a bond with their unborn baby
  • Stay healthy
  • Get ready for birth and care for their new baby
  • Recognise their baby’s communication cues
  • Manage changes within their relationships
  • Prepare for the stresses that being a new parent can bring

How many sessions are there?

The programme starts from around the 28th week of pregnancy. Initially there are two home visits prior to the course commencing to help build relationships between families and practitioners, then there are six weekly group sessions before the baby is born. After the baby is born there will be another home visit followed by three group sessions. Baby Steps sessions are led by a midwife and a family support worker.

The sessions are practical and interactive and provide an ideal opportunity for all participants to learn from each other as well as develop social support networks.

Who runs it?

The charity Action for Children employs Baby Steps Early Years Practitioners and Health Practitioners (Midwife or Health Visitor) to deliver the project.

How does it work?

Once expectant parents are registered for Baby Steps, the practitioners will visit the family home and discuss the programme content, encouraging parents to be able to explore their hopes and ideas about parenthood. The same practitioners will maintain contact with the family right from registration to completion of the post-natal sessions, providing parents with a consistent source of support.

How do I join? Please contact your midwife, health visitor or the Baby Steps team directly: [email protected] / 07734 496669

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