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Understand how to connect with your baby through simple games.

Date & time:

Wed 15 Sep 2021


The Light of the World Community Centre, Gaythorne Road, West Bowling, BD5 7ES

Aimed at:

Families with children aged 0-3

About the event:

Anyone wanting to attend the Baby and Me Course run by the Perinatal Support Service needs to have a referral completed, we are happy to complete this over the phone. When the referral is allocated they will have a full service assessment before attending the group.

The criteria is that you have a child under one year old and that you live in the Better Start Bradford area of BD3, BD4 or BD5.

This course will run in a community venue over five one and a half hour sessions. The date above is the start date.

The group is based on Theraplay principles & teaches you how to be your child’s best toy, attachment & bonding, understanding your babies’ language & babies’ brain development.

We will talk about bonding and attachment, why touch is so important. We will give some examples of simple games which mums can do with their babies without using expensive toys. We will try to explain how babies communicate with others and why fun and laughter is so important in families’ lives.

The sessions will help you understand how to connect with your baby through simple games that will make you laugh, encourage you to make eye contact, share playful interaction and practice nurturing touch.

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The dates are:

Wednesday 15/09/2021
Thursday 16/09/2021
Wednesday 22/09/2021
Thursday 23/09/2021
Wednesday 29/09/2021

To book: Please contact

Lynne Walker
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07469 660441

Inna Jencu
Mobile: 07469 660441