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Welcome to our new website!

We’re really pleased you’re here on our new, improved, Better Start Bradford website!

We’ve developed it to make life easier for all our visitors, whether you’re expecting a baby, you’re a parent or carer, or you work with families in the Better Start Bradford area.

Why have we developed a new site?

We want to make sure we get as many families involved as possible in our projects and events. A website can’t do this on its own, but it certainly helps to have our project and events information much more prominent and accessible than they were previously.

We also wanted to make sure people could see other things that might be of interest to them, so you’ll notice that every page signposts you on somewhere else, for instance a news story, a campaign or an activity.

We also know that the majority of our website users visit us via their mobile, so this new site looks great on the small as well as the big screen.

What’s different on this site?

  • The postcode eligibility checker is practically the first thing you’ll see on the homepage and can be accessed at any time wherever you are on the site (top right corner if you’re on a desktop, bottom of main menu if you’re on a mobile)
  • If you enter a postcode that’s in the Better Start Bradford area, you’ll be taken through a short ‘quiz’ to help you find the right project for you or for a family you’re working with, instead of having to scroll through lots of information that isn’t relevant to you (see image above)
  • There are separate versions of our project pages for families and members of the workforce with information tailored for the different audiences, with lots of lovely quotes from people who have already benefited from our work
  • The events calendar – which we know is something a lot of people visit us for – is now pride of place on the main menu
  • There’s a brand new frequently asked questions (FAQs) section
  • And last but not least you’ll find lots of lovely new photos of real Better Start Bradford families throughout the site, like the ones above

Also, please visit the brilliant Better Place section which highlights the amazing transformations that have taken place across parks and other greenspaces in the Better Start Bradford area over the last few years. You’ll be spoilt for choice of places to visit and enjoy with your little ones.

Don’t take our word for it though – have a look around!

We hope you like it. If you have any feedback please e-mail [email protected]

A huge thank you to Studio Republic for working with us and building this lovely new site 😊

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