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We're really excited to launch our Big Little Moments campaign! Over the next year - with the help of a friendly cast of characters - we’ll showcase 15 important behaviours that make a huge difference to a child’s development. Come and meet the Big Little Moments family via short fun video animations at: The campaign is supported by a range of special printed resources including a booklet, a wallchart and stickers, flash cards and posters, which will be shared with families and partners throughout the year. If you'd like any copies of the resources, please contact us at [email protected] The characters and their messages will also be shared via our social media channels. Background The theory behind Big Little Moments builds on the Frameworks Institute’s Core Story of Early Childhood Development research; a set of important scientific insights into early brain and biological development. The insights have been distilled and translated into themes and metaphors that make the concepts more accessible to the public. This is the first time the research has been used in this way in the UK. This campaign is part of A Better Start, the ten-year National Lottery funded programme set up by The National Lottery Community Fund to help families give their babies and very young children the best possible start in life. Better Start Bradford is one of the five A Better Start sites across England. Watch the animations here