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Big Little Moments of Kindness

In these times of uncertainty and the potential impact on our mental health, it is really those small acts of kindness that can make a difference.

It was Mother’s Day yesterday and Bradfordian Howie Javed, 57, took it upon himself to buy 100 bunches of flowers for local community groups to distribute to mums socially isolating across Bradford, including mums in the Better Start Bradford area.

We chatted to Howie today to thank him and to find out all about this act of kindness.

Howie’s Story

Howie Javed

I am a freelance instructor in Mental Health and regularly deliver instructor training courses for Mental Health First Aid England. I know what a strain the current climate is going to be on one’s mental health, especially those that are socially isolating and are alone. Having lost my mother at a young age in her fifties, I know how valued our mums are and I wanted to do something to bring a little happiness to those mums who were going to be alone on Mother’s Day.

I originally got in touch with an organisation called Caremongering Bradford, who have been set up to support communities and told them that I had bought 100 bunches of flowers for isolated mothers. I was overwhelmed with the response and ended up sending the bunches to many community organisations.

We all rang the nominated mother’s doorbells and left the bunches on their steps and told them from a safe distance that they had been nominated to receive a bouquet of flowers from each given community group. I was delivering from 9.00am in the morning until 6.30pm at night on such a beautiful sunny day.

To see the smiles on each mum’s face was truly wonderful.

  • Neil says:

    How wonderful! So heartwarming to see how thoughtful and kind some people can be – especially during these worrying times. A big thank you to Howie Javed for brightening up the world for Mothers yesterday.

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