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Beech Grove Greenway

Beech Grove Greenway is a stretch of green space providing a route through to the city centre from Beech Grove Park. It is now more attractive and safe for anyone walking or cycling on it.

The area has also been designed to encourage young children to play or learn to cycle, away from roads and traffic.

Why not…

  • Hop, skip, run or jump along the toddler friendly walkway.
  • Explore the playful spaces.
  • Ride your wheelies along the path.
  • Drop a marble on the spiral sculpture and watch it travel around and around.
  • Trail your fingers around the ‘Unfurl’ and ‘Blown in the Wind’ sculptures
  • Follow the toddler trail.
  • Take a ball and explore all the green space.

About Beech Grove Greenway

You will find:

  • A safe, toddler friendly walkway
  • Playful spaces
  • Surface drawings designed by local toddlers
  • Toddler trail
  • Sculpture trail
  • Lots of green space to run around

Beech Grove Greenway was funded by the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund – delivered in partnership with West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Better Start Bradford’s Better Place project and the Council’s Public Health team.

Postcode: BD3 0PP
Beech Grove Park

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