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Help us make some noise this Baby Week Bradford!

The theme for this year’s Baby Week Bradford is ‘Bradford Babies are Everyone’s Business’. Before the week starts on 15 November 2021 we’d like to share as many reasons as possible why this is case – and we need your help!

Whether you’re a professional working in maternal health, child health or early years, a volunteer, parent/carer, grandparent, or anyone with something to say about the earliest years of life (starting before birth), we’d like you tell us why you think babies are everyone’s business by finishing the sentence: “Babies are everyone’s business because…”

Here are some of the answers we’ve received so far (see others on our Facebook page here):

Babies are everyone's business because they are a beacon of opportunity. The foundations of health and wellbeing we lay during this period have benefits that last a lifetime and carry into the next generation.
Babies are everyone's business because they are all of our futures.
Babies are everyone's business because we were all babies once and we know from our own experiences how that has shaped our lives for better or worse. It's therefore our job to make it better for the babies who follow on.

Over to you!

What might seem obvious to you about the importance of the earliest years of life could surprise someone else and really get them thinking. So:

  • If you work or volunteer in maternity and early years, we’d love you to try and capture your particular area of expertise in your answer. What simple things can make a big difference? What facts do you have up your sleeve that people might not know?
  • If you’re a parent or carer, what experiences have you had or surprising things have you learned along the way that you want to pass on to other people?
  • You may be neither of the above but have something to say – we were all babies once…

We’ll share as many answers as we can on Twitter and Facebook in the run-up to Baby Week Bradford 2021 and after that we’ll combine them as a permanent collective message from the week.